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The Banana Chef, Issue #001 -- A Gift For You: Easy Banana Recipes First Ever Free E-Cookbook
March 31, 2011
Dear Banana Lovers,

Thank you for visiting my website at and trying my recipes. For those of you have shared your feedback - I thank you sincerely. It has made all of us here a better chef.

As a token of appreciation, I would like to give you my new FREE e-recipe book. I'm so happy and excited that you are one the FIRST few to receive this book:-). Please click here to download your personal pdf copy.

I hope you will enjoy reading and using this book as much as I have creating it. It's one of the most satisfying "work" I have done in a long time, with a lot of love and hours put into it.

This e-recipe book is a compilation of 25 delicious, tried and tested, easy banana recipes that was created for the most uncoordinated chef in mind, using the simplest ingredients and simplest equipment.

I hope this free e-recipe book will inspire you to start your journey into fun and easy cooking for your loved ones. And someday, show-off your culinary skills...:-)

P.S. If you find this recipe e-book useful, please forward this FREE e-book to your friends and family. Or better still, send them the link to so they can download their own copy today.

Also, if you haven't subscribed to the Banana Chef Ezine, please do so here to receive the latest cooking tips and easy recipes monthly.

Thank you.

Best wishes always,
Dorena Long

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