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The Banana Chef, Issue #004 -- Quick & Easy High Fiber Desserts
July 29, 2011
Dear Banana Lovers,

Lots of new, quick and easy, high in fiber recipes this month using the most basic ingredients you can find on the breakfast table like corn flakes, granola, Nutella, peanut butter and...sweetened condensed milk (it's an Asian thing).

I have 6 new no-brainer easy recipes for you to try. All of these recipes are hassle-free and takes only 5-15 minutes to prepare.

Here are the latest recipes, all tried and tested at home:-
1. Granola Banana Bread with Fresh Apple Chunks
2. Wholemeal Corn Flakes Banana Muffins
3. Classic Vietnamese Banana Cake
4. Nutella Banana Bruschetta
5. Condensed Milk Banana Bruschetta
6. Peanut Butter Banana Bruschetta

Also, if you are have been having little problems on your quick breads, here is a list of solutions that may help you solve or lessen the problems. Click here for the Q&A.

If you haven't received my new FREE e-recipe book, please click here to download your personal pdf copy.. This e-recipe book is a compilation of 25 delicious, tried and tested, easy banana recipes that was created for the most uncoordinated chef in mind, using the simplest ingredients and simplest equipment.

P.S. If you find this recipe e-book useful, please forward this FREE e-book to your friends and family. Or better still, send them the link to so they can download their own copy today.

If you haven't subscribed to the Banana Chef Ezine, please do so here to receive the latest cooking tips and easy recipes monthly.

Thank you and happy cooking.

Best wishes always,
Dorena Long

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